Weird Habits

I read in the News and Observer today that the Octopus that predicted the World Cup victories has died. Poor creature. I’m sure his 15 mins of fame made the end of his days that much richer.

But this did get me to thinking about what we do to win, how we get ourselves mentally and physically in a place to accomplish a goal, or the craziness we do to get ourselves to that point. My little brother pitched a no-hitter when he was playing baseball. When he was taking off his socks after the game, he realized that his left sock (Ryan, if I get this wrong forgive me) was inside out. So, from then on, for good luck, he wore his left sock inside out.

Another example of this… I went to a football game where my Wolfpack was slated to get beat. We won! Amazing game! That evening I realized I had on my red undies. To this day, I will wear my red undies when I know the Wolfpack is playing, for good luck.

I guess I’m superstitious, and that’s what this all leads to. However, I do believe that in order to accomplish something, you have to be prepared, physically and mentally. I would like to think the superstition is more mental prep (clearly my choice of under garments has no impact on the Wolfpack) but it is preparation.

Just crazy things to think about today. Have a good day ya’ll.

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