We Must Have Done Something Right!

Jay and I got a baby sitter, and went on a night to ourselves. We probably do this more than we should, but it keeps us going, and we enjoy the alone time.

On Saturday, I got us tickets to see Spring Awakening at the Fox. Another post about that, I promise, as it was AMAZING! It’s what happened prior to the play that really made my night.

I’ve been craving fish for the longest time now. Not sure where this is coming from, but that being said, I had Pappadeaux’s on the menu for our dinner that night. I should have known better than to show up at 6pm expecting a table, but that was the plan. We get there, and the parking lot is SUPER crowded.

Bad Sign.

We get parked fairly quickly, and there is just tons of folks standing outside. I’m getting quickly irritated, as this was supposed to be a night out, and rate a little more than Wendy’s. So, I go up to the hostess stand, and it is six people deep. I’m starting to lose hope fast, when I realize Jay’s not behind me. Okay, fine, he left something in the car, and he went back for it. A few moments pass, and Jay walks up and hands me a card. It’s a table reservation card, made about 45 mins earlier for a party of two. Seems a guy walking out had eaten at the bar, and just gave it to Jay. So, I take the card, make my way up to the hostess and I asked her if the number had been called. Turns out… she was just getting ready to call the number!


So, Jay and I follow her to our table. No wait. I overheard the second hostess telling people it was over an hour wait.

Jay and I did nothing but laugh, relish in our good fortune, and enjoyed what had to be some of the best fried seafood I’ve had. We even said that had we thought about it earlier in the dinner, we should have put our names down anyway, and then handed that to the next couple, to pay it forward.

What a great dinner. We must have done something right to deserve that kind of dinner good fortune!

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