This morning Eli decided that he was going to put on his pants before having put on underwear.  When I asked him were his underpants were he replied “on the bed, are you blind?”

I have had a a stressful couple of weeks, this attitude did NOT go over well.  I like to think that I calmly corrected his attitude.  Regardless, I made it clear that I was not blind, that there were no underwear, and that he was starting the day off in the wrong fucking direction.

On goes underwear, on goes pants, on goes shirt, and socks, boy goes downstairs to be shod and breakfasted.

This extra time looking for underwear puts me a bit behind schedule, and I was so tired the night before that I did not pack my gym bag with cloths for the day.  Hurry, rush, move it, pack my bag, out the door, forgot my keys, out the door, damn where is my wallet, back out the door one last time.  Off to the gym.

Tim, Paul, and I finish an invigorating game of 2 vs 1 no-autopsy-no-foul “basketball/soccer/full contact ruby”.  I get my shower, dry off, and grab my gym bag to get dressed.

No underwear.


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