The Spy Who Defenestrated Me – Last years TBGT

Wow… Look what happens when you blink.  Last year Kay, Eli, and I went to That Board Game Thing.  I was working on a post describing the weekend and never got back to my notes for the clean-up.  So here is the post, in all it’s raw/unedited form.


This weekend Kay, Eli, and I went to Raleigh N.C. to attend That Board Game Thing (TBGT).  Over the years Kay and I have attended Gulf Games and occasionally the Oasis of Fun.  This year was the first that we attended TBGT.  It saddens me that we had not gone earlier as we had a BLAST!

The theme of this TBGT was “spies”.  Each of the name badges contained a “group” (S.P.E.C.T.R.E. in my case) that you belonged for the Saturday night Puzzler contest.  It also contained pistols for each year you attended. (Mine had a sing gun with “Training Mission” on it.)  Also on the badge was the sentence “The Spy Who <adjective> Me.”  In my case the word selected was “defenestrated”.  It was funny, but I actually knew that word from listening to “Says You!” on NPR.

The puzzle event included a number of spy themed items.  I had a bit of a hard time with the “weapons/parts of weapons” word search puzzle. I went to my room and Googled for about an hour different places/games I have played to get ideas for the puzzle.  It helped me get a few answers that I needed.  All the while I was wondering if the FBI was suddenly interested in a certain Hampton Inn near the airport in Raleigh.

The gaming area was constantly full of folks having a good time.  Games spilled out into the hallway area behind the conference room and into the breakfast nook.  The hospitality suite was also used for gamings requiring a bit more quiet.

I did not play nearly as many games this year as I have in the past.  But the games I did play I thoroughly enjoyed!  Here is the run down:

We arrived in Raleigh around 7pm Thursday. I started playing around 8:30pm after a poorly served dinner at Johny Carino’s.  It took me a while to get over my normal ant-social tendencies.  I watched a number of games in progress, walked around the room looking at the puzzles, and finally ran into a group of folks looking for a game.  I mentioned that I had a copy of Deduce or Die.  Game On.

Deduce or Die (Thursday Night):

Friday Morning:

Started the morning getting some Dad and Eli time with Zombie dice.  Kay and I have been using Zombie Dice as a way to build/strengthen Eli’s addition skills. Two other fellows saw us playing and joined in for a few minutes.  When Kay arrived one of the gentlemen pointed out that there was a Zombie Dice for the iPhone/iPod available.  On my.

Miscellaneous Musings:

– At TBGT the food table was setup in a separate hospitality room.  I personally liked it because it kept me from “grazing” while playing.  For others I understand it was an issue, but overall I think it was handled.

– Rob deserves a lot of thanks for making this a smooth gaming convention.

– I had a blast seeing the Twinkies!  Mia and Tristan are charming and adorable!

– At the same time as TBGT, the hotel was host to a number of high school base ball players. I found it amusing that there would be a geek convention at the same time that the hotel would be hosting a gaggle of jocks.

– Introduced to Dominion at this gaming con.  Love it!!

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