The Reluctant Blogger

I read a number of blogs.  I have a lot of what I consider interesting conversations.  I have ideas. With all of that I desire to get those ideas out to the masses.  I want to blog.

But I don’t.  At least not often.

Here is a list over the last two days of things I thought would be good fodder for a blog entry:

  • The obnoxious children and their equally obnoxious parents that I encountered while my son was taking swimming lessons.
  • My son’s swimming lesson.
  • The awesome book of blog entries by John Scalzi titled “Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded”.
  • Two ways of approaching cooking: “art” vs “science”. (Kay is an artist….She just “tosses things in” and it works.)
  • A recent revelation on how the world works.  (Sorry, keeping this one to myself.)

Why don’t I blog?  At least don’t blog that often?  I have been giving this a good bit of thought, enough that it warranted its own blog entry.  (Insert quote concerning Irony, and how it mocks me.)  I find that one or more of the following reasons contribute to my not making posts:

  • That as a result of blogging about something I have passion for I may give away “too much” about my beliefs.
  • I am a lazy bastard.
  • I have too much on my plate.  (3 year old son, wife, video games, books, movies, programs that I will get to as often as I get to blogging.)
  • I am a lazy bastard.
  • The three folks that read this blog could care less.
  • I am a lazy bastard.
  • My ability to communicate is easily trumped by others ability to misconstrue and/or obfuscate what I say.
  • I am a lazy bastard.

Lets take each of these reasons in order, and in doing so see if I cannot remove each as a reason for not posting to this blog.

Gives Away Too Much

I hold some viewpoints and beliefs that run counter to the majority of my friends and family.  While these friends and family for the most part are either tolerant or understanding of my beliefs, I am also concerned that future employers and acquaintances would not be.  This is a cowardly way to live, so I am going to rectify it now.  The following are a list of beliefs that I currently hold:

  • I believe that Heaven, Hell, God, Satan, good and evil are creations of man.
  • I do not believe in Heaven, Hell, God, or Satan.
  • I totally believe in good and evil.
  • Religion has a lot to answer for. (That does not mean I am against religion, but it does mean there are times that I am not for it.)
  • Your sexual preference is not the predominant way that you are defined as a person.
  • Blizzard and Apple are EVIL.  (And I want more of their products.)
  • The Tea Party IS rife with haters.
  • Your political party is full of idiots.  (Not that controversial a belief, I have a feeling this one is commonly held.)
  • Science is not magic or opinion.
  • Creationism and it’s ugly sibling Intelligent Design makes me sad.

After this post I will most likely never get a job with a conservative Christian Mac/iDevice based gaming company.

I Am A Lazy Bastard

More on this later.

I Have Too Much On My Plate

I do.  I have a three year old whom which I spend as much time but not nearly enough time.  I have a wonder wife that I should give more attention too. I love my books, video games, and movies more than is healthy.  Finally I have a LOT of desire to do something more than what I am doing today.  This is a great reason to not blog.  However, blogging is the kind of thing you do between all these things.  At least it is for me since I am not making a living at blogging.  This is the strongest of all my excuses, but still not a good reason not to blog.

I Am A Lazy Bastard

I am sure you got this idea the first time I brought it up.

You Could Care Less

Really, why are you even still reading?  I know you have better things to do. So why should I even try?

I think that the majority of folks that Blog do it for the same reason I do.  For me it is cathartic.  For those folks that actually Blog as a living, congrats to you!! I am not you and do not have the readership that you have, and I am more than fine with that.  If I ever do get a following of any kind, I can promise you that I will be more scared than happy.  I mean, really, the kind of folks that would want to hear what I have to say are probably not the most balanced.  (For the three readers of this blog please do not take it personally, I know you are here to see  what Kay has to say.)

I Am A Lazy Bastard

Do you see what I did there?

My Communication Skills versus Your Obfuscation Skills

You are as good at misunderstanding the point I am trying to get across as I am bad at getting it across.  I do not say this because we do not agree on “topic X”.  I say this because when we disagree you are unable to respond to me the point I am trying to make.  You THINK you are saying the same thing I am saying, but you are not.

You see I have a pedantic nature.  I very very carefully pick my words.  These words that I pick have specific meaning with relation to each other.  Sometimes these meaning are also nuanced with respect to the topic at hand.  I use proper grammar as often as I can instead of the other way around. But that actually hinders my ability to communicate.  It makes me BAD at communicating, because I am not communicating at your level.  At this point if you are feeling defensive about the topic at hand I suggest a dictionary and thesaurus. They will help. Eventually. If you think I am being arrogant, well at least I was able to communicate that intent well enough.

Some of you will rightly point out all the writing mistakes I make, regardless of the high esteem I hold for my ability to communicate.  Fair enough, I am not a professional writer. I am hardly an amatuer one.  Please point out these mistakes as it will help me one day remove/reduce this reason from my list.

Back to the topic at hand. When a conversation has become strained I will often ask you to repeat my message to make sure we are on the same page.  You say something that sounds similar to what I was trying to say.  But it does not catch the nuance, it misses the point, and as a result we are back at frustrating square one.

Let me be clear, I hate these misunderstandings.  I am not drawing out the discussion just to hear myself talk.  As an engineer I  like efficiency, and these conversations are NOT efficient.  At the end we both end up tired and frustrated and happy that it is over…. until next time.

Also, we do not have to agree!  I am not looking for you to agree with me!  But if we are going to disagree I like to understand and agree with what we are disagreeing about!  I know, I know, it makes my head assplode too.

I Am A Lazy Bastard

Really.  I am not a lazy bastard.  I work hard and I play hard. But I reserve the right to use being a lazy bastard as an excuse. It is a better reason to not post to my blog than the other ones that I presented above.

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