The First Day of Kindergarten

Eli started Kindergarten today. We’ve been building up to this his whole life thus far. However this is just one more “change” that has happened to him in the past three weeks. Here’s a brief recap of Eli’s past few weeks for those not aware:

  • July 17th – We sell our house. In saying goodbye, Eli has a major melt-down. He DOES NOT want to sell his house. Much drama, tears, and screaming.
  • July 17th – We move in with a dear friend, as the house we are purchasing does not close for 10 days.
  • July 17th – I leave for a five-day trip to Oregon. Eli is used to me being gone, but while not having a house, is a bit more stressful, and more work for Jay.
  • July 21st – Eli breaks his arm. In a drug-induced haze tells Jay, “I want to go to MY HOME.”
  • July 25th – We move into our new home, and Eli is sleeping on a temporary bed in his room. He’s also happy about having a basement and a “tornado room.”
  • Aug. 3rd – Last day of Summer Camp. He says good-bye to some friends he’s known a long time.

Needless to say, Eli’s had a lot going on, as have we. I hope that his going to kindergarten is the beginning of some normalcy, and much needed routine. However, we have to get going on it, and that in and of itself, is yet another new thing.

So, here we are. This morning we got up at 6am, and Eli was super excited and ready to get going. In fact, we were early, and had to mull around the house a bit. So, I snapped a few pics.

We were the first ones to the bus stop, and got there early – again, excitement ruled the day. I had heard rumors about the number of kids in our community, and that the three bus stops in our ‘hood filled the bus. They weren’t kidding.

Not five minutes after we arrived, more kids/parents started to gather. The pic above displays only HALF of the kids at our bus stop! I had no idea this was going to be the case. I love all of the newness – book bags, clothes, etc!

I think every kid there had at least one, if not both parents (with cameras) at the stop. Oh, and I’m not sure if the folks that own this house have kids at the stop. One of the parents told me they were (and have always) been really nice about the kids being in their driveway/yard for the year. What a great neighborly thing to do.

Nothing says funny like a boy doing his thing during photos.

Then the bus showed up. Just like that, I was in full melt-down mode. The tears just came. Eli, however, was beside himself and grinning ear to ear. I decided to keep it all contained until it was over.

Eli got on the bus, sat in the very first seat and was waving before I could blink. Then the bus drove away. A seasoned parent told us to wait, as the bus would come back by, and we needed to be there for the cursory “second wave”. So, we did. Eli had moved, and I did not see him, but I feel confident he’d not been expelled from the bus before the end of the subdivision.

Or not. Maybe he’s wandering around down the end of the street as we speak. At least I packed him a snack. 🙂

Anyways, it all ended nicely, and parents mingled a bit before leaving. I did witness what parents feel when kids go to (or back to) school. When the bus was out of site, one parent started to dance, and one exclaimed, “hallelujah!” One couple began kissing and holding hands like teens, and bid the rest of us a fond farewell, heading quickly back to their house, arm-in-arm (much to the laughter of the rest of the adults). Seeing this, Jay looks at me and says “let’s get some breakfast.”

I love my husband! 🙂

So, that was Eli’s bus stop. I’ve thought about him non stop. I’ve even had to stop looking at my watch. I think I’m going to go unpack a box of games. 🙂

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3 Responses to The First Day of Kindergarten

  1. Aunt Susan says:

    Thank you so much for sharing!!! I have been missing him (and y’all) all week and feeling blue that you aren’t close any more. Tell him Aunt Susan and Monkey Garish are so proud of him. (proud of you too momma)…

  2. Gerard Alvarado says:

    OMG- he is growing up so fast. Kay and Jay, you are such great parents and teachers. Mr. Eli Jones, I am so proud of you and love you very much. Study hard, listen closely and have fun.

    Uncle G

  3. Jan Urban says:

    Thanks, Kay and Jay. Seeing Eli’s first day of school morning activities made me smile. It’s so great that you to have so many children in the neighborhood. What a good move for all of you.

    Hugs to all,


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