Remo and Blackie Update

Jay said I would do another post about our kittens, and well, it’s over due. I decided that lists are fun, so here we go.

What’s The Same Since the Last Update:

  • The fuzz balls (what I call them collectively) are still very cute.
  • They continue to play hard (see Jay’s video).

What’s Changed Since the Last Post:

  • They have come into their own vocally. Both will let you know their displeasure or wanting. Especially Remo. She is very jealous of  the attention gained by her brother, and will let you know about it!
  • They have adopted us into their fold. I guess cats do run in packs, and we’ve all now been adopted into their pack. They like to spend more time with us on the bed, laying around or  playing. Especially feet (or any other moving part) under the sheets and blankets!
  • They are growing! At the last vet visit, Blackie had gained over two pounds in three weeks! Go kitty, go!
  • Their room. We’ve kept them confined to our bedroom/bathroom and we are now letting them out into the rest of the house. Let the adventures begin!

I promise to post more pics soon. I’m just too busy rubbing these cuties on the head. 🙂

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