Of Games and Play

Jay and Eli have been playing Plants vs. Zombies for sometime now, and Eli’s gotten pretty good at it. Now, I say all of this second-hand from Jay, as I know nothing about this game, except you have to use plants to stop a zombie attack. Jay describes it as a tower defense game. Again, I play along.

Eli’s imagination has gotten really good lately, and this has especially been the case in his play time. On Saturday morning, he decided that his bed was home base, and he needed to defend his base against an attack (from what, well, it was never defined. However, it needed defending.) I suggested he use his friends to help him. When I came back into his room, this is what I found…

Eli had lined up his friends and was defending the bed! The gun in his hand is a laser blaster, not to be confused with any other type of toy weapon.

Even when he’s defending, he’s awfully cute.

He finally got up and decided his sword served as a much better weapon.

No play time would be complete without an action shot, right?

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Kelley says:

    That’s pretty funny! I do think gaming is such an educational pursuit. Lack of it in my childhood now leaves me sleepy. 😉

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