Now That’s Service

I have been attending the Life Time Fitness in Alpharetta for several months now. It’s a nice facility, like most of the Life Time places usually are. However, I’ve been disappointed in one thing: the hair dryers in the locker room. You might think this is being picky, but I pay a good price each month for such small things.

Every time I go to the gym, I shower there. And there is always 10-15 hair dryers available. So far, I’ve only found one… just ONE that works to what I believe is standard (blows enough air, maintains the temperature setting, etc.) Otherwise, you can spend all day in hopes of getting your hair dried.

I decided I’d had enough, and I needed to let someone know of my displeasure. I went to the website of corporate Life Time, and sent them an email. I figured I’d start there and see what happens. I did this last week.

This morning I had finished my shower and was about to search for the one hair dryer that works, when I was surprised at the newness of the first hair dryer I inspected. I turned it on, and it worked! I then looked down the long vanity, and saw that every hair dryer was brand new!!! It was simply wonderful to be able to use the hair dryer, and make some sense out of the madness that is my hair.

But I digress.

I stood holding a completely functional hair dryer and smiled and laughed. Another lady looked at me as if to say what’s so funny, and I recounted my story. She gave me a high five and said I should write another email asking for the temperature in the locker room to be adjusted. 🙂

I realize my email was not the only one, and I alone am not responsible for the new hair dryers. What I do like is that the managers at Life Time Fitness listened and responded. That’s customer service and customer satisfaction.

Now, to start my campaign for some mats for the Akido program at Johns Creek’s Life Time Fitness!

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