My turn to say 41!

OK, so it has actually been a full week+ since I turned 41.  Life is hectic now so I have been in a non-blog mode.  Here goes!

I had a BLAST with dinner with friends at Liu Fu which is an excellent Chinese restaurant in John’s Creek.   The food and beer was awesome and the friends even better!

BTW, Paul shared this at dinner.  You must check out the Veet Customer Reviews.

Afterward we all had a good time eating cake and listening to Paul and Store sing about Pirates.  Paul, Amy, Tim, Alice, Kay, and I finished the night with a game of Time’s Up!! Kay and Amy are formidable.

I have to say thank you to everyone that passed on birthday wishes.

I received some very nice gifts.  Mikey and Liva made sure I would be eating breakfast in style for a while ($$), Sully and Kay each got me different versions of the Penny Arcade card games.  I am awaiting sleeves before I give a play, but hope to have many a good game.

Transition.  Not sure how move from the above light-hearted to the below solemn, so this is it.

The Wednesday after my birthday I received a card from my step-mother Lisa. At first I was a bit taken back by it as it was filled with a tone and emotion that was not reflective of the relationship that she and I have had over the years.  When I got to the end of it the note she left helped make sense of the card.  The short of it is that she said that Dad had picked out the card for my Birthday before he passed.  What was even more poignant about the card was that it arrived three days after my birthday, which is about spot on for Dad and birthday’s.  I was at the table eating dinner when I got the card, and it was all I could do to keep my shit together.  It is the best birthday gift I think I will ever receive in that it is all the things I had hoped to hear from my father before his sudden passing.  All that is left now are the things I did not get to tell him.  I am comforted with the knowledge that if he felt the way he did about me based on the words in that card then he knew how I felt about him.

Thanks to everybody for a wonderful birthday!  (Now I am off to give this tube of Veet a try.)

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