My Job is Done

Eli had his first ever T Ball practice tonight.

<Proud Parent>

Yes, my kid is ready for the Major leagues folks! He can play the best of any four year old out there, that’s never swung a bat or tossed a ball before! Jeter, Pujols and the rest of you crowd had better look out, because Eli Jones is on his way to make your life misery!

</Proud Parent>

Now that part is out of the way I can tell you the real reason for my excitement. Yes, my baby, the one that just yesterday was cooing and getting teeth, was indeed looking very much the role of little boy tonight. Actually, he was almost the tallest out there, and looked very much the role of bigger boy tonight.

The coach lined up the players on the field and told them they needed to pick a team name. So, he went down the line, asking the boys for a suggestion for team name. There was the obvious choice of the Braves, the coach’s son suggested the Red Sox (and the Coach was sporting a Red Sox hat). A few other suggestions came out, when the following exchange occured:

Coach: Eli, do you have a suggestion for a team name?

Eli: Uh, Uh….

Coach: Eli, do you?


Without even thinking of what I did, I just reacted with a huge “YEAH!”. Most of the other parents began to laugh. So, the coach put the name to a vote. He asked how many for the Braves… no one raised their hands. He then asked for votes for Red Sox, and his son raised his hand. Coach then asks for voters for the Wolfpack, and Eli and his pal raised their hands. Upon seeing their excitement (and realizing in their heart of hearts that they knew what they were doing was the right thing -Ha!) two other brilliant children raised their hands. The coach said that the majority had spoken and the team name was the Wolfpack!

This is the part where I promptly fell off the bench I was sitting on, and got back up!!! Jay and I simply began to laugh, and I announced to the rest of the parents, that it was clear, my job was done. Without prompting from me or his Dad, Eli suggested not only a team name, but the BEST TEAM NAME ever, and got his fellow players to vote his way.

This is my proof that I have done what is necessary in raising a child. The rest from here is down hill!

The best part: one of the player’s dads walked up. Jay and I know him, and it turns out he’s a HUGE Va. Tech fan (plus he likes the Yankees). Jay was more than happy to share the news that his son was now a member of the Wolfpack.

Ah, parenting bliss. 🙂

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2 Responses to My Job is Done

  1. Kathy says:

    Fabulous story. You should send it to the Technician or the alumni association. Priceless.

  2. Kelley says:

    How funny! Go Eli!!!

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