“May I have some more?”

Last month Eli was recognized as a “Wonderful Wildcat”. It is a designation bestowed upon students at Big Creek Elementary School for many different reasons. Eli earned the title for  “exemplary behavior”.

As part of the recognition Eli was invited to have breakfast with the Principal Ms. Black.

Last night was an Aikido class, so I got home late yet in enough time to put Eli to bed, which is part of our daily bedtime ritual.  I asked him about his breakfast to which he replied “Oh man.  I forgot to go!”  I asked him if anybody reminded him and he replied “No. Sir.” From there he distanced himself, shed a couple of tears and then said “Oh well, I guess I  missed it.” He was very disappointed and upset.

I asked Kay and she said she had forgotten that today was the breakfast.  Kay sent an e-mail to the Principal of the school asking if there would be another breakfast in the future that Eli could attend since he missed this one.  Ms. Black responded almost immediatly (9:15pm at night) that of course Eli would be invited to the next Wonderful Wildcats.

I let Eli know that we had made the arrangements this morning and he was happy.  Wait for it……..

May I have more?*

May I have more?*

Kay calls me this afternoon. Eli’s teacher wanted us to know that Eli attended the breakfast yesterday. He had biscuits and drink, got a chance to speak in front of all the other Wonderful Wildcats, and enjoyed himself.  When pressed as to why Eli would lie to Kay and I about the breakfast his response was “I wanted to go again.”

Between Kay and I we cannot help but to laugh.  OK, done laughing.

The teacher told me he has written an apology to Kay and I.  After a short conversation Kay and I have agreed on the following punishments:

  • No privileges for the rest of the week (TV, electronic devices, computers, games, etc).
  • No “sweet” treats. Week nights this includes fruit or other non-processed sweet item, weekend means processed desert (cake, chocolate, etc).  Yes, this is Easter weekend.
  • ….
  • I am leaving the above spot and this one open in case we need to pile more on.

Honestly, I am floored that I was so easily manipulated by my son.  He shed a tear! His voice contained genuine regret.

When Eli was a small child one of his preschool teachers told me she was going to watch this one.  She predicted he would be one of: actor, lawyer, sports star, politician, or mob boss. I think she may have been onto something there.

*The image used comes from http://ncrunnerdude.blogspot.com/2010/03/oatmeal-r.html.
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