Let’s put something profound here.

I got nothing.  Nothing profound.  Nothing even remotely interesting that I can share with the public at large.

The last several months have been work, play, sleep, try to get a bit of the chores done.  Rinse. Repeat.

The above is an observation, not a complaint.  However I feel like it SHOULD be a complaint.

I talk big when it comes to having ideas.  I just recently have not followed through on a any of my pet projects.  Is it time to fix that now?  The answer is yes, it is time to fix that.

Today Wil Wheaton reminded me of how these days the barrier to entry for making something is at an all time low.

I have had an idea for something for a long time.  It is a simple idea, just needs a little bit of design and elbow grease.  My goal is that by this time next month I will show you guys something.

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