Ladies, Get it Done!

Today marked another first for me. It’s one of the rights of passage for a new 40-year-old woman. Today,  I had my mammogram!

This was my first ever mammogram, and I was nervous to get it. I’ve heard all of the jokes, horror stories, and tales that women have told through the years of getting these tests done. I let them all influence me as I went it. I’m also not at all comfortable with the idea of getting undressed with a complete stranger. (I say this, as I had nine complete strangers in the room with me the day I delivered my child. So, I have the experience of being completely in a compromising position, NAKED, but it’s still not one by which I feel completely comfortable.)

I have to say, my experience was a good one. My technician (lovely lady named Diane) was very professional, and all business. She got right to work positioning my left boob, taking pics, and then doing the repeat with the right boob. There were basically four shots (two of each boob). Did it hurt? No, but it was uncomfortable for about 15 secs for each boob. That’s a total of about a minute, if we include adjustment times. All in all, it was not something I’d want to do at lunch on Fridays, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’ve heard it made out to be.

Here’s the thing… ladies, suck it up! Get this test done! For all the whining I’ve heard over the years from friends, co worker and other women… GROW  A PAIR! Sure, it’s uncomfortable, but there has been far greater pains, for a longer time than this. The pay off is maintaining your breast health. And, what if they do find something?! Well, then it was really worth it. Early detection is the key!

I should get my results in about two weeks. One thing that did surprise me though, was the fact that about 15% of first-time mammograms show shadows, or areas of uncertainty. The technician reminded me that this it is not uncommon to get a call back, needing more pics. So, that was good to know.

Rock the Ta’s Ta’s ladies!! Get your mammograms!

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4 Responses to Ladies, Get it Done!

  1. Jay says:

    As Kay was describing what Diane (the tech) had to do I could not help but say “That has to be the GREATEST JOB EVER!!!”. *snicker* Sorry, could not help myself.

  2. Kelley says:

    When I had mine done a few years ago it hurt like a mofo. I have a cyst that hurts ongoing, and having it mashed flat was misery. In a refrigerator.

  3. Robin says:

    I have to agree with Kelley on this! Also, I didn’t particularly like the “capes” they make you wear. As much as they cover, you might as well be naked from the waist up!

  4. TrnceGrl says:

    Ha! This gave me a laugh but it is true… has to be done. Unfortunately, although I still have a couple years before the big 40, I have had to have three of them. Upon coming home after the first one, my mom asked me how it went (with a laugh, cause she already knew how it would go) and my response was “Well a man definitely invented that. And I don’t think the girls will ever recover.” No disrespect to the guys out there, just a fact. If you had your “twins” smashe d between two cold pieces of glass with the warning not to move or they’d have to do it again, I bet this would be done with ultrasound.

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