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I’ve spent the last three weekends dedicated to football. First, I had friends in town for the Ga. Tech game, and while we were at home, our schedules were still messed up, leaving Eli with his Nanny. The past two weekends, I traveled to Raleigh for football. As of Sunday, I’m tired. And I realized while I do love my time traveling, watching football and visiting with family and friends, it’s taken it’s toll… on all of us.  I need this weekend to establish our normalcy, our routines, and it’s welcomed.
We’re also in official get ready for Pig Picking mode. This means getting the house ready for about 60 people. If the weather holds, and there’s no rain, most of the event will be outside. However, you cannot plan on dry weather, and so we have to get ready for that many people in the house. We’ve only got a few hours of work to do (basically clearing a room, runs to Goodwill, etc.) but we need to get it done. Tomorrow morning we’ll hit that, and hopefully on Sunday, we’ll get a chance to just be. No plans, just exist.
On a more personal level, I’ve hit a big plateau on my weight loss, and I knew it was coming. While I attempt to embrace it, it was tough to handle, more so than I wanted it to be. I went to a support meeting, and was reminded again, that I need to be able to make this work. I was eating poorly, and it was showing. So, with that in mind, and a renewed sense of responsibility (thanks support group), I started fine-tuning and applying what I already knew… what to eat. I also got a fill, and the surgeon said it was definitely time. With all of that together, I got on the scale this morning… I lost 4lbs this week! That puts me at 65 pounds since the New Year! I do not think I’ve had as much spring in my step in a while, and it feels GREAT! Got more compliments today than I have in a while too. Someone actually called me “skinny.” Dear Gods, that feel fantastic.
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