Just Like Riding a Bike…. right?

I’ve been looking for a way to change things up with my workouts, and I think I’ve found something. I have been tempted to try a spin class, to see if I can add some variety to my working out. After speaking with some folks, I decided to give it a try.

So, this past Saturday I went for my first ever spin class!

My heart raced, the sweat beaded on my upper lip, and I felt sick to my stomach. Then, I walked into the room where the class was to take place! See, I’ve always had this fear of taking exercise classes. I was certain that I’d be the largest person in the room, and what if, God forbid, I couldn’t do the things everyone else was doing?! I knew this Saturday was going to be a day to come to terms with my demons.

I got into the room, and like a good Methodist, found a bike near the back. I got the bike adjusted to my height while more people filed in. The instructor asked if anyone wanted help adjusting their bike, and I took her up on it. Mila did some adjusting that I thought at first, would make it uncomfortable, but turned out, being a good move. She also gave me two pieces of advice. First, listen to my body and second, listen to her. She said it was important to make it through the class, not burn out half-way through.

So, that’s what I did. I listened, and she made sure to instruct us as to what we needed to be feeling. Statements like, “you should be feeling  your skin now” (in relation to sweating) and “your quads and calves should not be liking you right now” were excellent verbal indicators as to how I needed to feel. She also made her way around the room twice to check on folks, including me.

The goal of this ride was aerobic endurance, with the body not ever getting out of zone 3. They through a huge chart up on the wall with all of the zones, and honestly, I couldn’t for the life of me tell where I needed to be. So, I just listened and did what I was told, not giving any attention to my heart rate.

So, how’d it all end? Well, I survived. By about the 50 min mark we had done our last big climb, and I felt just a bit nauseous, but I realized this was probably me just over doing it a bit. I recovered quickly, and went through all of the stretches. My legs were really shaky after, and I took this as a sign of a good workout. The spin studio is at the top of a stair case in my gym, and my legs almost gave out on me going down the stairs to the locker room.

As we were adjusting our bikes for the next class, the lady next to me asked if this was my first class, and I responded with a yea. She told me I did well. That was the most awesome feeling.

More than anything, I take away the fact that I finished an exercise class!! I did it! Maybe I was the biggest in the room, maybe I’m not built for a bike, but dagnabit, I finished the class!!

The best part… I’m going back this coming Saturday. Bring it on spin class!!!

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2 Responses to Just Like Riding a Bike…. right?

  1. Lisa B. :) says:

    You go girl – that is awesome! That is a great achievement and now you know you can kick butt and take names! Ride hard! 🙂

  2. Kelley says:

    That’s awesome! I also run screaming from exercise classes. When I was at MOC we could take aerobics to fulfill our PE requirement. It was that or some kind of sporty tennis shit like we had to do in highschool. I did the aerobics. Losing weight was a nice side effect, and it was what got me into running after the class finished. I’m still gun shy about going to another class, of any kind. The spin ones scar me, to be honest. I think it’s great that you faced your fear of classes and did a great job in your first one!

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