Seems our WordPress installation was hacked with a php injection script. I spent several day’s removing the hack by hand to only have it come back.

What you see here is our WordPress installation at its bare minimum configuration. The good news is all the “information” is still available, but I am not sure about all the images and videos have translated over with. I still have all the media, but the media is not necessarily in the place that this new wordpress install expectes it.

So hats off to you script injection, redirection to mal-ware code monkeys.  You succeed at being the worst kind of technical person in existence. I would buy you a beer if I could find you. After which…..

If our site is compromised again I will consider a clean sweep and potentially roll my own.  Probably not nearly as functional/feature rich as WP has become. But damnit it would be mine.  Either that or I will just change this site into a Facebook/Google+/Twitter aggregator and just snapshot this blog for historical value.

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