For the past few years, my nephew Frankie has come to our home for at least a week each summer for a bit of a vacation. When he was younger, it was a cool chance to hang out with his awesome (Ha!) Aunt Kay and Uncle Jay and do the cool things… swimming, board games, video games, movies, etc. Even though I had to work, I tried so hard to make sure Frankie was having a great summer vacation away from home.

He’s older now, and this will be his last summer vacation with me for a while. He’s graduated high school this year, and has enlisted to serve our nation in the U.S. Navy. There’s an entire post I’m going to write about that later on. So, the bottom line is that he’s with us now for another vacation.

The dynamics have changed a bit in the last year or two. The excitement of his youth and those activities has been replaced with teen-aged interest. He’s spent a lot of time on the computer chatting with his friends and texting with his girlfriend. It seems the movies, trips bowling and arcades just aren’t as much fun as they used to be. I guess growing up does that to folks.

There is one activity we’ve always done, and it never loses it’s appeal, and that’s fishing. Each summer we try to get down on the lake or to the river to fish, even if just for an hour. This time, I decided to try a chartering service as a graduation gift for Frankie. We used Captain Scott’s Guide Service for a half-day trip on Lake Lanier.

I have known Scott for severalĀ  years, and to know him, is to know his passion for fishing, be it salt or fresh water. So, I knew this was going to be a good bet. We met Scott at the ramp just prior to 7am, and his boat was already in the water. He welcomed us aboard and we go on our way to our first fishing spot.

It was simply a beautiful morning on the lake. The temperature was cool, and a bit of morning mist. I cannot think of a better way to watch the sunrise. Such things often make me take a moment and remind myself of how truly blessed I am.

We got underway fishing. Scott was extremely knowledgeable about our target fish, and was great about explaining their nuances. He’s got some electronics on board, and was also very good about showing us how they worked, and help us find some fish.

We found out that there’s a reason you call it fishing and not catching. We were not catching much at all. Some of the bait was sniffed, but no takers. Every time another boat would pass, the captain would give a thumb-down, meaning they were not catching anything either. All was not lost though. Frankie finally did pull in a cat fish.

We also discovered how quickly the weather could change on Lake Lanier. It was just simply calm and beautiful first thing in the morning. Within about two hours, the wind had changed, skies had darkened, and water got very rough. Just a few hours after that, the sun came out, temps rose, and the breeze steady.

While we didn’t catch much, we sure enjoyed our time on the lake, and more so with Captain Scott. He was gracious, informative, and just a pleasure to be around. I would recommend his services for anyone looking not just a fishing trip, but a wonderful day on the lake.

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