Family Visit

Frankie came down for a few weeks to stay with our family. He’s my nephew and I simply adore him. When he was little, he and I were connected at the hip, and he wanted to do soooo much with me. He’d come in to mine and Jay’s room first thing in the morning (6am) and say “Aunt Kay, let’s go out to the other room so we don’t wake Uncle Jay!” So, I’d get up and go entertain him. This could have been watching TV, playing a game, or anything else.

Well, he’s 16 now. He no longer wakes me in the morning, I have to wake him. He spent a lot of time with some dear friends who have a pool. So, they were swimming a lot. He also met some others here and got along with them well. My family (his mom, my dad and niece) came to get him this weekend to take him home. Before they even cleared the end of the road, I was missing him, and them.

It was interesting to have a toddler/teenager dynamic in the house. No, I didn’t raise Frankie, but I was there when he was a toddler/little boy/young man, and even our dynamic has changed. He wasn’t seeking out opportunities to hang with me this time, but just kinda when along with what I suggested. He spent a lot of time on my computer, and I allowed him that. His life line to the outside world is Facebook, and not having internet access at home, it was like crack to him.

It just leaves me wondering if that is what it will be like between Eli and myself. I already give myself a hard time because I don’t think I spend enough time with him. There are times when Eli says “mommy, let’s do X” and I am busy with a chore, or doing something else. I give my usual excuse for not doing X, and Eli goes about his business.

I’m thinking the chores will wait now. It’s ok to have dirty dishes/laundry/toilets right?

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