Epic Weekend is Epic!

Had a crazy weekend. Described in my favorite format.

  • Squash tournament Friday/Saturday
    • Learned how to referee a game (“Love”, not “zero”. “Hand out” not “choice”.)
    • Lost the first game of the night. ┬áI was not at my best.
    • Won the consolation bracket. (I did not loose again.)
  • Aikido on Saturday (right after my last squash match)
    • Bennie and I getting much closer to our 4th KYU test!
    • I blanked on what Irimi Nagi is, but I performed it like a boss.
  • Kay and I shopped for and acquired a new TV and┬áRefrigerator Saturday evening.
    • Kay hates our current fridge. (May do a post on this later.)
    • Our current TV has spider web syndrome.
    • Brandsmart may look like the New Orleans of electronics shops, but we got some great deals.
    • Buying a new TV meant we needed a new TV stand.
  • Quickest run to Ikea in the history of the world Sunday morning.
    • Picked up a TV stand and Bookcase.
    • From parking the car to driving away in less than 20 minutes.
  • Built the Ikea TV stand.
    • Looks great, but ugh.

I slept like the dead Sunday night.

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