Eli the Dr.

Last week, Eli went to the dentist for the first time. We chose a highly recommended Pediatric dentist, and we were not disappointed.  I think the thing I liked the best is that while I had all of the forms for Eli (allergies, previous medical conditions, etc.) the nurse introduced herself, asked me about any allergies/problems, and then took him back. They didn’t wait on me to fill out the forms first. I loved this!

The other thing I liked was that they wanted to take Eli back by himself. The nurse seemed really nervous about this, but I assured her it wasn’t going to be a problem. Eli’s not a very scared type, and he did great. I made sure to introduce him to the nurse, and asked her to hold his hand, and it went well.

One last thing… this dentist office has a video arcade and movie theatre for the kids. RIIIIGGGHHHTTT! It’s for the adults just as much. I played two games of Pac man myself!

Jay took Eli to the Dr. about some runaway itchy spots, and the visit went well. However, Eli came home last night and decided to play Dr. He’s got a really cool Dr. kit, and had to check my ears, nose, and heart.  The best part… when Eli checked Jay’s foot, he told Jay, “Dad, your foot needs the hammer!” Eli was referring to the reflex hammer that’s in his Dr.’s kit. Needless to say, this drew alot of laughter from me and Jay.

Love that kid. 🙂

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