Early Morning Activities

Oh, how I’d love to write about romantic happenings between my husband and myself, but it is not to be. I need you to read this next line in your best Jack Bauer voice:

<Jack Bauer>The following events occurred between the hours of 4am and 6am.</Jack Bauer>

Eli awakes and enters our room. I know he’s heading to our room because he slams his door prior to exiting his room. (He’s done this since he was old enough to know how to exit his own room.) He says when he gets into our room, “I want to snuggle.” While this may seem cute and precious (and given any other day, my heart would have melted) Jay has a rule that before Eli enters our bed, he must go pee first (I’ll post another time about why this rule was put into place… for now, just  use your imagination.)

Eli climbs up into the bed and puts a monster grab on my arm. My heart begins to melt, and my eyes grow heavy again. I’m asleep and in a dream state when I hear the question, “Mom, is it time to wake up yet?” I replied with a soft, “no honey. It’s not even close, go to sleep.” Eli proceeds to do a dance with his hands, moving them to and fro. He used to do this when he was a lot younger, and it was his pre-sleep ritual. So, I let it go, and fade back to sleep.

At some point later, Eli says, “I need to go poop.” I tell Jay to take Eli to potty and Jay does. Now it may seem that Jay handles all of the night time chores, and he does. Jay can wake up, extract a splinter with a pair of tweezers, and immediately fall back asleep. He’s had this gift since Eli was born. I, however, once awake, am up for the long haul. So, I’m trying to fall back asleep, when Eli comes into bed, again.

I fall back asleep, and again Eli asks, “Is it time to wake up yet?” I look at my clock, and it is now 5:44am. I am a good 20 mins late for when I was supposed to wake up. So, I tell Eli to get on up. I get us both dressed. I turn on some Mickey Mouse for him, and I head  to the gym.

I’m hoping Eli will nap today. He’ll be a little devil if he does not.

So will his mom! 😉

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