Do Dung Beetles Have Standards?

For those with less than stout sensibilities I offer to you the chance to go read about the most wonderful creature, the Red Panda.

Ah, someone with stout sensibilities…. Let us continue.

I was listening to the resident smart ass in our office.  (Before you try and intimidate that I talk to myself, let me make it clear.  I am NOT the biggest smart ass in my company.)   Now stop interrupting me, I have very unimportant things to talk about.  Now where was I?

Smart Ass: “I am going to hell for that comment.”

Other Smart Ass: “If I get to Judgment first I will tell them you said it.”

Me: “Actually, both of you are re-incarnations. The lives you have now are reflections of the deeds from your past life.  Good news, you are moving up.  In your next life you will be an ameoba in the zit on a boil on the ass end of a….”

Here is where I falter.  I was looking for a good creature….

Smart Ass: “Dung beetle?”

Me: “Yes, good choice, you are moving UP to an ameoba in the zit on a boil of the ass end of a dung beetle.”

We all get a good chuckle and go on with our work.  Then I start thinking about the life of a dung beetle.  I hate when my brain does this, because all of a sudden I MUST KNOW MOAR!  The first question that pops into my head:

Do dung beetles consume their own excrement?

I was actually appaled at the workings of my mind for a few minutes. I swore to myself I WOULD NOT CONSIDER THE QUESTION ONE MORE SECOND!  Ever try to not think of something?  Really, try not to ask the above question to yourself.  Go ahead.  See, YOU CAN’T!!

So, off to the fount of all knowledge.

However, I have not found the answer I was looking for.  It clearly states that:

Dung beetles eat dung excreted by herbivores and omnivores, and prefer that produced by the former.

More Google searching and more reading and from what I can tell the answer is “No Sally, dung beetles do not eat their own dung.”.  Honestly, from what I can tell they only drink the fluid, and sometimes a bit of solid material may go there, but for the most part, their excrement is not even sufficient for them to bother with, and it is the “wrong kind” for their purposes.

Now, excuse me while I go to target and buy some borax and several packets of steel wool.  I need to scour my brain of these thoughts.

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  1. kapp says:

    “Hmmm, I wonder if dung beetles eat their own dung?” Such was my personal musing while sitting on the pot during a lazy casual Friday afternoon around the office. First off, glad I am not alone in my curiosity on the topic. Second, perhaps it is something about the office environment that coaxes us to dwell on feces and other such undesirable topics.

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