Diwali Conversation

Our work is having a Diwali celebration tomorrow. Basically, it’s like any celebration: coworkers are bring various dishes and we’re going to eat together.

Since I don’t know much about this holiday, I asked a co worker that celebrate Diwali to explain more about it to me. He gave me a very brief description of why it’s celebrated and how he and his family celebrate. To parapharase, it’s a celebration of good over evil, light over dark. I asked him if there was a color associated with this celebration. For Christians (and those that celebrate Christmas) we often associate red, green, gold and silver during our celebrations. My coworker then said, “no specific color, but light. Specifically the light of smiles on faces.” I thought this had to be the most beautiful phrase and description of light.

Needless to say I was moved, and found myself smiling so much more after hearing this. I also had to do some more reading, and found a great article on the topic.

It’s also very interesting to note that my coworker just happens to have a most enlightening and beautiful smile as well.

So, to those of you that celebrate, Shubh Diwali!!

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