So, been having a lot of trouble maintaining my sleep. Enough that I’ve gone to my Dr. Since my weight loss has been significant in a short amount of time, I thought maybe my thyroid might be outta wack. The Dr. agrees, and in fact asked if I had noticed any dry skin. I was showing Jay just this past week, that the tips of my fingers look like they are about the fall off from the cracked, dry skin on them. I sure hope this is a sign, and that the blood work confirms I need to adjust my meds. I shouldn’t ask for the simple fix like that, but it sure would be nice to be able to sleep past 3am. I can fall asleep with no problem at all, but there is something magic that happens at around 3am, and my eyes just pop open.

So, tonight, I’ll take some benedryl and hope for longer sleep.

We had a great weekend with wonderful weather! It was the first weekend since the beginning of the year that we could actually go out on Saturday and not require an umbrella! How wonderful! Made a trip over to see Jay’s mom. Was good to see her, and she seems to be doing well.

Jay and I are making our first gaming event in over six years this weekend going to Gulf Games. It’s in Mobile, AL, and we’re going to see how it goes with Eli in tow. If this works out, I’m hoping we can go to TBGT in September in Raleigh. *keeps fingers crossed*

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  1. Cathi says:

    Oh, I really hope you get the answers you are looking for. I have had thyroid issues for a long time and had gotten pretty slack about keeping up with checking the dosage. My doc recently recommended and adjustment and it has made *so* much difference.

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