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The Passing of my Father

My dad has had a short but intense battle with cancer over the last few months. He lost that battle Monday October 11, 2011. Growing up my dad was my best friend, even when he and my mother were no … Continue reading

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Fuzz Balls

I think it’s safe to say that our kitties are growing quickly. I need to take new pictures, but this is the best I could do for now. These two have really become a part of our family. I just … Continue reading

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Extra Hugs

There is nothing in this world like the genuine hug of a child. Nothing. Absolutetly nothing compares to it. Jay typically takes Eli to school. He works less than a quarter mile from Eli’s school, and has always shouldered that … Continue reading

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Remo and Blackie Update

Jay said I would do another post about our kittens, and well, it’s over due. I decided that lists are fun, so here we go. What’s The Same Since the Last Update: The fuzz balls (what I call them collectively) … Continue reading

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New Family Members

Spoiler!!! This post is about our new kittens.  If you want to see a video then just scroll to the bottom.  Otherwise you will have to suffer through my telling of their acquisition.  It is a wall of text and … Continue reading

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Of Games and Play

Jay and Eli have been playing Plants vs. Zombies for sometime now, and Eli’s gotten pretty good at it. Now, I say all of this second-hand from Jay, as I know nothing about this game, except you have to use … Continue reading

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Primrose Family of the Month April 2011

The private pre-school (daycare is the WRONG word for this place) that Eli attends recognizes the family of a student each month as the “Family of the Month”.  When Eli was 1 year old I shamed one of the admins … Continue reading

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Mommy Guilt

Eli has been sick. Stomach bugs are not at all uncommon, and Eli’s certainly brought his share of them home from day care. The way it usually works is that he pukes for about 18 hours (not constant of course) … Continue reading

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Gulf Games 27 in Chattanooga!

Kay, Eli, and I attended Gulf Games 27 in Chattanooga Tennessee!  We had a great time!!  I loved seeing the Vander Ark family and hearing about all the goings on in their lives.  I also had a great conversations with … Continue reading

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Halloween Family Tradition

Jay and I have always tried to carve a pumpkin for Halloween. However, this year, Eli is now old enough to really get into it, so we decided to start our official Jones Family Pumpkin carving. Now, there are certain … Continue reading

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