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Mommy Guilt

Eli has been sick. Stomach bugs are not at all uncommon, and Eli’s certainly brought his share of them home from day care. The way it usually works is that he pukes for about 18 hours (not constant of course) … Continue reading

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Try a Tri? Check!

My gym sponsors an Indoor Triathlon every year, and this year I decided to try a Tri. Yep. You heard me right, I did it. I competed. This all started last year when I was watching the participants compete. I … Continue reading

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Good Bye, Dear Friend. Hello New Friend

I’m preparing to say good bye to a friend. I’ve known this friend for 10 years. This friend does have a name, and I guess I should mention that. My friend’s name is Thirty-Something (for the sake of my typing … Continue reading

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Get’s Ya Going

I have a workout mix on my mp3 player that has about 90 songs in it. These are various tunes that help keep me going during my workouts. I’m the type of person that MUST have music when I’m working … Continue reading

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Take the Time, It’s Worth It.

I saw something on TV that asked the question of 100 people how many took one minute (or more) a day of silence.  I do not remember the percentages, as they broke them down and the results, but it certainly … Continue reading

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Just Like Riding a Bike…. right?

I’ve been looking for a way to change things up with my workouts, and I think I’ve found something. I have been tempted to try a spin class, to see if I can add some variety to my working out. … Continue reading

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Let’s Change it Up!

I’ve been reading the information presented on Metabolic Effect and trying to decide how I want to implement what I’m learning. I’m a believer in changing small things at a time. Today was a new beginning and change. One of … Continue reading

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That’s a Winner!

There is something that is pure joy about the age of four. Eli is now four years old, and I remember vividly the time I spent with my nephew when he was that age. My nephew was so trusting, funny … Continue reading

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The First Year… Check

Well, it’s been a year since my weight loss surgery. I’ve worked really hard trying to separate and understand my feelings after this year, as they run the spectrum. So, here goes! So, by the numbers, I’ve lost 69 pounds … Continue reading

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Gatherings and Happenings

Ah, yes, I feel a list coming on… We had a nice, and simple Thanksgiving. Jay’s mom, Mikey/Liva and kids came over. Also, Dirk (minus Linda who was under the weather.) Somehow we still managed to have a lot of … Continue reading

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