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Extra Hugs

There is nothing in this world like the genuine hug of a child. Nothing. Absolutetly nothing compares to it. Jay typically takes Eli to school. He works less than a quarter mile from Eli’s school, and has always shouldered that … Continue reading

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Remo and Blackie Update

Jay said I would do another post about our kittens, and well, it’s over due. I decided that lists are fun, so here we go. What’s The Same Since the Last Update: The fuzz balls (what I call them collectively) … Continue reading

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My Job is Done

Eli had his first ever T Ball practice tonight. <Proud Parent> Yes, my kid is ready for the Major leagues folks! He can play the best of any four year old out there, that’s never swung a bat or tossed … Continue reading

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Of Games and Play

Jay and Eli have been playing Plants vs. Zombies for sometime now, and Eli’s gotten pretty good at it. Now, I say all of this second-hand from Jay, as I know nothing about this game, except you have to use … Continue reading

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Ladies, Get it Done!

Today marked another first for me. It’s one of the rights of passage for a new 40-year-old woman. Today, ¬†I had my¬†mammogram! This was my first ever mammogram, and I was nervous to get it. I’ve heard all of the … Continue reading

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Mommy Guilt

Eli has been sick. Stomach bugs are not at all uncommon, and Eli’s certainly brought his share of them home from day care. The way it usually works is that he pukes for about 18 hours (not constant of course) … Continue reading

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Try a Tri? Check!

My gym sponsors an Indoor Triathlon every year, and this year I decided to try a Tri. Yep. You heard me right, I did it. I competed. This all started last year when I was watching the participants compete. I … Continue reading

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Good Bye, Dear Friend. Hello New Friend

I’m preparing to say good bye to a friend. I’ve known this friend for 10 years. This friend does have a name, and I guess I should mention that. My friend’s name is Thirty-Something (for the sake of my typing … Continue reading

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Get’s Ya Going

I have a workout mix on my mp3 player that has about 90 songs in it. These are various tunes that help keep me going during my workouts. I’m the type of person that MUST have music when I’m working … Continue reading

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To Help or Not to Help?

As parents, we are conditioned to help our children when they cry. Weather it’s to brush them off when the tumble, encourage them when their hearts or broken, or just to pick them up and get them going again, it’s … Continue reading

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