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Now That’s Service

I have been attending the Life Time Fitness in Alpharetta for several months now. It’s a nice facility, like most of the Life Time places usually are. However, I’ve been disappointed in one thing: the hair dryers in the locker … Continue reading

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Living Art

Years ago, before I moved to Chicago, my sister had gotten a tattoo. I told her of my desire to get one, and she said she’d go with me, so off we went. I had a star put on my … Continue reading

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Diwali Conversation

Our work is having a Diwali celebration tomorrow. Basically, it’s like any celebration: coworkers are bring various dishes and we’re going to eat together. Since I don’t know much about this holiday, I asked a co worker that celebrate Diwali … Continue reading

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The First Day of Kindergarten

Eli started Kindergarten today. We’ve been building up to this his whole life thus far. However this is just one more “change” that has happened to him in the past three weeks. Here’s a brief recap of Eli’s past few … Continue reading

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For the past few years, my nephew Frankie has come to our home for at least a week each summer for a bit of a vacation. When he was younger, it was a cool chance to hang out with his … Continue reading

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I haven’t posted much lately due to our site being hacked. WTF?! Come on hackers, there are sites out there that get FAR more traffic than ours! Move on to them, and hack away! Whew! I’m glad I got that … Continue reading

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Today I celebrate my 41st year of existence! I’m so blessed in so many ways. There was a lot of highlights to my day: Began the day with cards and gifts from my son and husband. Did a great swim … Continue reading

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It’s the Simple Things

I try very hard to make sure my family has a home cooked meal for dinner. When I was growing up, if it didn’t come from a can, box or some other processed, pre-packaged method, then we rarely got it. … Continue reading

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An exchange between me and Eli last night… Eli: Where did you get me? Mom: What do you mean? Eli: Where did I come from? Mom: Wal Mart Eli: You got me at Wal Mart? Mom: Yep, on sale even. … Continue reading

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Fuzz Balls

I think it’s safe to say that our kitties are growing quickly. I need to take new pictures, but this is the best I could do for now. These two have really become a part of our family. I just … Continue reading

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