An interesting guest.

Last night the Jonses’ had a guest over.  Interesting fellow, he even let me sit in his lap for a few minutes.    When I found out he was going to sleep in the guest bedroom I felt it was my obligation to serenade him all night long.    Seems David Harris is a deep sleeper, because I overheard him say that he slept well. (I am betting he is just being a good guest and fibbing just a bit.)

I give David Harris 3 purrs out of 4.  (He would get 4 out of 4, but I am a cat, and we cats have rules we live by…. Nobody gets 4 out of 4.)

Oh, and I noticed that the website has had an overhaul.  I also noticed that my “Kitty Litter Box” list has been lost.  If my webmaster cannot find it soon I am going to have to make another one and add him to the top of the list!!!

Oh,  I am on Twitter now.  Follow me with the user name KahluaJones.

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