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2010 World Cup Soccer BallI have never been a big fan of soccer. I would go a watch a team play, because live sports are just much better than watching anything on TV, but it would have to be someone I know playing, or in a group setting. However with this year’s World Cup, I have really gotten into watching soccer. My coworkers interest in this has helped, as they are all in to the games as well.

Jay: You’d watch under water basket weaving if they made it a spectator sport, wouldn’t you?
Me: Yep.

I had it on both TV’s in our house yesterday when Brazil was playing the Ivory Coast. Even Jay’s mom go into it when a Brazilian player was red-carded for no reason at all (totally my opinion.)

I’m still pulling for the USA, but Brazil looked really good yesterday. Oh, and here’s my new favorite team… NEW ZEALAND! (Yea, Russell Crowe if from there too.) 🙂

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