A Chat with Kay

What a morning.  I forgot to set my alarm, so instead I am waken by a little boy shouting down the hallway from his bedroom door “I GOTTA GO PEE-PEE!!!”.

Then after I get him dressed and settled in with some Mikey Mouse I start getting ready for the day.  While I am “taking care of necessity” the phone starts ringing.  Now, the phone NEVER rings in the morning, so of course I know that something is up and rush to get to it.   It’s Kay to inform me that she forgot to put the mail in the mailbox.  Would I please…..

Fast forward, I get to work and have this chat with Kay:

Me: So you forget the mail. I forget Eli’s bag in the carport.
Kay: Eli’s bag is in the garage?!
Kay: Good lord, what a morning!
Me: Yes. So do not be surprised when you open the garage and there it is.
Kay: He’ll be ok for the day, right?
Me: I was going to go back and get it, but Jacob’s mom was there and she was like “Why go home? They can manage”. I asked Ms. Laura and she said that they could scrounge up anything he needed for the day.
Kay: ok, cool
Me: Funny thing is he has not needed a change of cloths all week long…………………………………………
Kay: Let’s hope for a non event
Kay: I KNOW!!!!
Kay: hahahahah
Me: Yeah. We know better. He is going to come home tonight in Dora shoes, and a clown suit.
Kay: Oh god, I just spit my protein drink
Kay: that was funny!
Me: He will tell his therapist about it when he is in his 30s.
Kay: now everyone’s looking at me.
Me: Glad I could make you the center of attention.
Kay: right

I am interested in seeing what the rest of this day has in store.

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2 Responses to A Chat with Kay

  1. Kelley says:

    Ha! That’s priceless! I LOL @ Dora shoes!!

  2. Jay says:

    The problem is that one day he did end up coming home in Dora shoes. I did not have a replacement pair for him in his bag.

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