Today I celebrate my 41st year of existence! I’m so blessed in so many ways. There was a lot of highlights to my day:

  • Began the day with cards and gifts from my son and husband.
  • Did a great swim workout and visit to the hot tub. Every day should begin like this.
  • Had coffee with my husband and his friend Tim. Again, need to do this more often.
  • Read two Dr. Seuse books to my son’s class. Then was treated to the birthday bopper (a giant inflatable hammer) and a the singing of Happy Birthday from his class mates. Dang near made me cry.
  • Got treated to a balloon and card from a co worker. She rocks.
  • Got treated to lunch from a good friend. She rocks too!
  • Got flowers sent to my work from my extra special nephew. That kid has my heart! Almost cried again.  Twice in one day!
  • Had drinks after work with some special ladies. Everyone should have special ladies in their lives. I’m blessed to have these.
  • Had dinner with my husband and son as my son’s favorite restaurant.
  • Was wished happy birthday from some far away friends via the internet. Miles may separate us, but the love was felt.

I am so thankful for the events of this day. They renew my soul and remind me again just how blessed I am.

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